Hello BOSTON !! 

So an overnight  train trip from Washington DC brought us to the incredibly beautiful city of BOSTON , Massachusetts.

We are very lucky to have a lovely freind in Steve Fuller , the author of An Urban Cottage blog . 

I found a friendly cup of Sophie Moran’s for breakfast , and this extraordinary Tatsuzo  Shimaoka . 

One of the BEST part of this amazing trip,of ours , was my being able to finally meet up with online friends for REAL !  Gabrielle Schaffner and I both share some Italian heritage and we are #claysistas !! 

We are so grateful for Steve’s hospitality and thoughtfulness in showing us around ! 

AMAZING lobster rolls at Roberts in Maine ! Yup . They tasted as good as they look ! 

And more adventuring ……

Visiting the Corey Daniels Gallery was such a highlight , such an extraordinary unique gallery .

I’d REALLY like to put this Jung Hur painting in my checked luggage ! (Thanks Gabrielle Schaffner for the image ) 

We had been recommended to visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston , and I had no idea how affected we both would be by it . We visited two days in a row ❤️

Having a home cooked meal while we were away was one of the highlights , especially if you know Gabrielle ! 

Check out her Instagram account , and drool ! Not only a skilled maker , but also an amazing cook !! 

There was a little foray into seeing an APPARENTLY beloved sports ground ……..

Then back to our accomodation to wait out #WinterStormStella , which closed many airports across the east coast , and cancelled our plans to catch the train to New York !! 

BAH !! 

Luckily managed to rebook our Air BnB accomodation, and hoping tomorrow’s train will still be on TRACK to New York !!


Adriana 😋

Washington DC 

After an INTERESTING drive across from Asheville & Penland NC , we were pretty happy to ditch the car and return to the less nervous mode of transport ( we drive on the LEFT in Australia !) -FEET !! 

(Smithsonian – National Museum of African American History & Culture )

Super sad that the Museum was closed on the evening we came across it , and the next day was spent elsewhere .

I’m hoping to have a good look online at some later stage , it looked AMAZING through the glass !

And ……  close encounters of the squirrelly kind !! 

I was soooo excited to see a Louise Bourgeois‘  -‘SPIDER’ at the  National Gallery of Art Sculpture Park ! To create as much artwork as she did in her 98 years on the planet just astounds and inspires me . 

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History has long been on our  list of places to see , we loved every single musty corner ! 

(above – ‘Zuni ‘ , Native American Indian Pottery )

There is (amongst lots) an exhibit called ‘Objects of Wonder’ , from the collections of the museum . Seriously could have spent hours and hours in there .

(‘Bird Headress’ – Jivaroan , Ecuador , pre 1940 )  Excuse the lousy photography , I was desperate to record this amazing piece ! 

After the BEST meal and wine at Centralino Osteria , we’re on the overnight Amtrak train to Boston ! 

I’ll just transform myself into this Arctic FOX ! Here comes the snow & cold !! 


Adriana 🙂 


Seagrove , Asheville , Penland and @klineola ! 

I met the wonderful Carol Gentithes and Fred Johnston while they were in Australia , presenting a workshop at Vipoo Srivilasa studio CLAYLAB in my hometown of Melbourne.

Such an incredible studio in Seagrove !!

I keep saying this , but people have been INCREDIBLY kind and generous ! 

Carole took us for a quick visit to STARWORKS NC !

 Andy Nasisse was building a piece for the upcoming FIREFEST at Starworks . 

(Carol Gentithes with her FIREFEST sculpture) 

There are a great number of pieces from past events in a beautiful gallery space , as well as a dedicated gallery for new works , glass & ceramics . 

And KILNS !! 

TODAY was one of those FABULOUS jam packed over booked but totally worth it days !! 

We had a 24 second visit with the DYNAMO of a woman MELISSA WEISS at her incredible studios in Asheville NC . 

SO fantastic to meet all these wonderful people in the REAL ! 

Melissa collects her clay from her property in ARKANSAS 😳

Once a year ……

…….and then processes it to a special Melissa secret wild clay recipe ! 

Check out her INSTAGRAM account @melissaweisspottery 

Penland School of Crafts ❤️

We met up with CLAYBROTHER Michael Kline , who generously showed us around this INCREDIBLE school !

 (Penland kilns above)

And a SUPER quick visit to his home studio 

We did a fun little livestream video on Michaels PERISCOPE 😊

Mr Kline must be the KINDEST Potter on the PLANET ! (And Jack the pup is pretty ace too !) 

And now we are on our way to Washington DC ! 


Adriana x 

North Carolina USA 

I’m SO happy to have spent time with Charlie & Varian from Charlie Cummings Gallery , now based in North Carolina . The gallery is online only until a suitable space is found , my Solo show -Australiana , Birds of Home is now open and all work is available to purchase . Of COURSE they ship worldwide !! 

Having a good relationship with those that represent you and your work is SO important. A no brainer really . 

It’s been beyond wonderful to meet Charlie and Varian after a few years of emails and Skype calls , and cement the connection in REAL LIFE ! THE most wonderful , hardworking honest people . I’m so humbled to have been invited to show with such a well regarded gallery . 

We visited The University of North Carolina , in Chapel Hill – to have a tour of  BEAM , which is managed by Charlie Cummings .  

” BeAM@CAROLINA is a network of makerspaces where the UNC community can come together in the design and making of physical objects for education, research, entrepreneurship and recreation. We offer open studios, training workshops, host classes and group activities in spaces equipped with emerging technologies like 3D printing as well as wood and metalworking shops.”( from the UNC BEAM website ) .

(Charlie & Peter) 

So many clever , magical technologies being explored – including incredible 3D printing !

(Adriana & Varian ) 

I’ll have one of these swivel chairs thanks very MUCH ! 

The workshop /studio space was in full use when we visited . 

These INCREDIBLE paper mâché puppets were being made by participants under the guidance of Master Puppeteer Donovan Zimmerman  as part of the Spring Residance program at BEam. 

Onward south , we had been invited to stay with my wonderful freind Nikki Mizak .

Nikki has a show which has just opened at Clay Art Vegas .

Nikki is a wonderful human , and she has a beautiful warm and inviting home which she shares with her husband and two absolutely ADORABLE young children ! 

And what a COOK ! Yum ! I’ve busted my fear of bacon and maple syrup on the same plate !

French toast , butter , banana , maple syrup , pecans ! (Plate by Ashley Devitt

After the BEST sleep , we head off to Seagrove – Potters PARADISE ❤️


Adriana x 


So , I fell in love with Venice Beach CA ❤️

After no sleep for 24 hours ,we thought the best way to stay awake was a 5 hour tour of LA !

Possibly the beer was a bad idea , but Farmers Market was gorgeous 😋

Hollywood was rolling out the red carpet for the premiere of Beauty and the Beast . 

Such a weird place . I’ve never felt more like a ‘country mouse’ ! 

And we were the naughty ones that were late returningto the tour bus , did I tell you I really hate tours ? 

Finally slept for 456 years and jumped on our flight to North Carolina , where when we landed -we’re greeted by THIS in the foyer of Raleigh/Durham Airport …. 


I nearly cried . Welcome to North Carolina ❤️

Oh and by the way , my show opens online today at Charlie Cummings Gallery at NOON EST !! 

Crikey !! 

Cheers A x 

Goodbye Melbourne

Today we left sunny Melbourne for hot hot Brisbane in our first leg of our trip to the USA 💙

I thought it might be fun to document the trip here , that way I don’t clog up my social media sites and can share a bit more in the way of thoughts/fears and excitement of -my very very FIRST Solo Show in the US at Charlie Cummings Gallery in North Carolina 💙 (Photo credit Charlie Cummings Gallery 2017) AND our first overseas trip together ! That’s my lovely husband of 31 years Peter ❤️

Cant promise consistent posts , but will try where WiFi allows !


Adriana 😊