Washington DC 

After an INTERESTING drive across from Asheville & Penland NC , we were pretty happy to ditch the car and return to the less nervous mode of transport ( we drive on the LEFT in Australia !) -FEET !!

(Smithsonian – National Museum of African American History & Culture )

Super sad that the Museum was closed on the evening we came across it , and the next day was spent elsewhere .

I’m hoping to have a good look online at some later stage , it looked AMAZING through the glass !

And ……  close encounters of the squirrelly kind !!

I was soooo excited to see a Louise Bourgeois‘  -‘SPIDER’ at the  National Gallery of Art Sculpture Park ! To create as much artwork as she did in her 98 years on the planet just astounds and inspires me .

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History has long been on our  list of places to see , we loved every single musty corner !

(above – ‘Zuni ‘ , Native American Indian Pottery )

There is (amongst lots) an exhibit called ‘Objects of Wonder’ , from the collections of the museum . Seriously could have spent hours and hours in there .

(‘Bird Headress’ – Jivaroan , Ecuador , pre 1940 )  Excuse the lousy photography , I was desperate to record this amazing piece !

After the BEST meal and wine at Centralino Osteria , we’re on the overnight Amtrak train to Boston !

I’ll just transform myself into this Arctic FOX ! Here comes the snow & cold !!


Adriana 🙂


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