So , I fell in love with Venice Beach CA ❤️

After no sleep for 24 hours ,we thought the best way to stay awake was a 5 hour tour of LA !

Possibly the beer was a bad idea , but Farmers Market was gorgeous 😋

Hollywood was rolling out the red carpet for the premiere of Beauty and the Beast . 

Such a weird place . I’ve never felt more like a ‘country mouse’ ! 

And we were the naughty ones that were late returningto the tour bus , did I tell you I really hate tours ? 

Finally slept for 456 years and jumped on our flight to North Carolina , where when we landed -we’re greeted by THIS in the foyer of Raleigh/Durham Airport …. 


I nearly cried . Welcome to North Carolina ❤️

Oh and by the way , my show opens online today at Charlie Cummings Gallery at NOON EST !! 

Crikey !! 

Cheers A x 


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