North Carolina USA 

I’m SO happy to have spent time with Charlie & Varian from Charlie Cummings Gallery , now based in North Carolina . The gallery is online only until a suitable space is found , my Solo show -Australiana , Birds of Home is now open and all work is available to purchase . Of COURSE they ship worldwide !! 

Having a good relationship with those that represent you and your work is SO important. A no brainer really . 

It’s been beyond wonderful to meet Charlie and Varian after a few years of emails and Skype calls , and cement the connection in REAL LIFE ! THE most wonderful , hardworking honest people . I’m so humbled to have been invited to show with such a well regarded gallery . 

We visited The University of North Carolina , in Chapel Hill – to have a tour of  BEAM , which is managed by Charlie Cummings .  

” BeAM@CAROLINA is a network of makerspaces where the UNC community can come together in the design and making of physical objects for education, research, entrepreneurship and recreation. We offer open studios, training workshops, host classes and group activities in spaces equipped with emerging technologies like 3D printing as well as wood and metalworking shops.”( from the UNC BEAM website ) .

(Charlie & Peter) 

So many clever , magical technologies being explored – including incredible 3D printing !

(Adriana & Varian ) 

I’ll have one of these swivel chairs thanks very MUCH ! 

The workshop /studio space was in full use when we visited . 

These INCREDIBLE paper mâché puppets were being made by participants under the guidance of Master Puppeteer Donovan Zimmerman  as part of the Spring Residance program at BEam. 

Onward south , we had been invited to stay with my wonderful freind Nikki Mizak .

Nikki has a show which has just opened at Clay Art Vegas .

Nikki is a wonderful human , and she has a beautiful warm and inviting home which she shares with her husband and two absolutely ADORABLE young children ! 

And what a COOK ! Yum ! I’ve busted my fear of bacon and maple syrup on the same plate !

French toast , butter , banana , maple syrup , pecans ! (Plate by Ashley Devitt

After the BEST sleep , we head off to Seagrove – Potters PARADISE ❤️


Adriana x 


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