Tiny terracotta tiles , and grief , and artist’s block 

For those of you that don’t know, my lovely mum died at the end of May . She had reached the ripe age of 90 , and had been in care as she had Alzheimer’s . It had been a while since I could be certain that she know who I was , so we had been saying goodbye for a long time to the person she once was . 

So my sister and I were prepared for her leaving us , it wasn’t a shock , and like in many cases it was indeed a blessing . We had become orphans , as my father had passed away 12 years before . I really thought I had done my grieving in the last 7 years of that terrible Alzheimer’s period . But of course I hadn’t . The memories of my mother before the diagnosis came rushing back ,and I’m missing that person she was – again . I recently snuck into the yard of their old beachside home (which looked like it hadn’t been visited in 6 months sadly ) and stole some lemons , took some cuttings , and just sat on the back step . It was so comforting and lovely. 

Since returning from my fabulous trip to the US ( see previous posts , I had such good intentions to keep blogging !! ) , I’ve become stagnant in my making . One would think that having such a fabulous experience as having my solo show with Charlie Cummings Gallery (FABULOUS) , NCECA (it was ) and seeing all my lovely internetty freinds ( AMAZING) , would be a big ROCKET to catapult me into the studio feeling refreshed and ready to MAKE !! But actually it just did the opposite weirdly . I felt utterly and completely burnt out . I really am an ‘all or nothing ‘ girl ,I really need deadlines ,  so (apart from my gorgeous teaching commitments) I did nothing . Which then just became even less than nothing after mum died . 
I did what some people do and went online shopping , buying from the one and only gentleman potter – Michael Kline  of his BEAUTIFUL ceramic coasters . 

Years and years ago , I used to make terracotta tiles with little brass hooks glued to the back to hang as a display . So this sparked a little something off in my tiny little brain . (Thank you Michael xx) And I started tinkering and playing , with no real thought of where I was going with them . The first little bunch were pretty plain (for me !) White slip over terracotta , cobalt oxide brush work & a bit of sgraffito . 

They have come out SO BEAUTIFULLY 💙 

And this first batch are now in my online store , yes international shipping too ! 

One of the interesting things that has happened is the conversation that ensued over on my Instagram account . And the kindness . So many people have experienced the very same emotions and artist block , of course I’m not alone in that . What is intruiging is the public face of social media , and everyone has a different use for it , usually shows all the good stuff . I think it’s so important to show the real studio life , otherwise there is this perception that we have all got our shit together . Which we don’t . Because we.are.human . 

Scoot over to my Instagram account to read the conversation 

So then THIS happened ……… 

Very very meditative . All that scratching , sgraffito and painting . I have possibly woken up my sore wrist & elbow , so maybe not a good idea to make these ALL the time !! 

I’m planning to pop a small batch of these up in the online store when they are done , possibly Sunday evening (AEST MELBOURNE july 9th)  and will have a nice range of them with me in the SPRING /SUMMER market season at the Heide Makers Market opening September 9th 💙

So I suppose that’s it then ? I’ll just keep faffing about , and making when I feel like it ?Thanks for reading this very long ramble , 


Adriana xx 
(PS …..  I have NO IDEA how the advertising below got here !  So my apologies until I can work out how to get RID of it !! Ugh )